Ozonated olive oil for ringworm

22 07 2006

I had been selling ozonated olive oil on E-bay for about two years when the son of a very good acquaintance called and asked if the oil would be OK to use on ringworm and could he buy some. I said I really didn’t know but it certainly wouldn’t hurt. He said his whole family (he was a Morman with lots of kids) had come down with ringworm and he was looking for a holistic approach to fix the problem. I shipped him a 100 ml jar of ozonated olive oil and checked back in two weeks.

As it turned out, he had mixed the ozonated olive oil with oregano oil and applied it on the various cases of ringworm in his family and the ringworm disappeared in one treatment.

Needless to say I was surprised but also encouraged that my product had effected such rapid relief from a very nasty situation. I remember when I was child that my Uncle Clarence had a large lump on the back of his neck that had been there since he was a teenager. When I finally screwed up the courage to ask him what it was, he told me that it was a lump left over from a serious attack of ringworm. How much different would his adult life have been if he had known about Nicola Tesla and his wonderful inventions when he was a teenager.




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12 01 2007

It’s good to hear your product has made a significant difference to someones life. I’ve got a few questions for you, can you email me back?


15 02 2007

I suffer from eczema – it comes and goes. Have you received any great testimonies from the use of ozonated olive oil for this rash?

25 10 2013
jany basha

hi fnd just drink olive oil 2 spoons daily in the morning with empty stomach u will see changes in 8 days

21 04 2007

i have used ooo& foundfast relief for age spots&warts+ cuts& scrapes heal SO FAST i can only be anazed. WHY has the med. profession supressed this wonder healing produst? WE KNOW WHY THEY ARE MORE INTERESTED IN &&& THAN IN HEALING PATIENTS NEEDS>SHAME ON THEM> LETS BAND TOGETHER& “HOUND” THE AMA& OTHER MED.ENTITIES ABOUT THIS NOW!!!so many suffering needlessly & my arthritus is much relieved ALREADY AMEM

21 04 2007

praise JESUS for ooo& its healing powers!

21 04 2007

c`mon folks turn off tv &join ‘us’ in spreading this info.itsa modern day”miracle”healing product!

21 04 2007

cathy i would/will use ooo for any med. need,i have a bro with ulserated feet& dr`s cant help him i am sending him ooo for the cure he has FUFFERED SOOOO MUCH,i wish i had this at my disposal a long time ago.

21 04 2007


21 04 2007

Everet. Thank you for your comments. No dispute from me about the healing qualities of ozonated oils. I started this blog and our website to bring consciousness about these products to a larger number of people. Thank you for taking the time to post your experience and praise of the products!

27 07 2009

Hi:have you had any testimonials about using ozonated olive oil on toenail fungus,how did they use it?thxs.

6 08 2009
Jose Bonilla

I like to become a dealer here in Puerto Rico

10 04 2010
Beach Man

One thing about the successful use of ozonated olive oil to treat Ringworm as recounted in the above Post that should not be ignored is that it involved mixing the ozonated oil with oregano oil. As oregano oil is a strong natural anti-fungal and is often useful when used by itself in treating Ringworm, it is clear that the two products when mixed and used together produced a synergistic effect making each much more potent or powerful in eradicating the fungal infection in such a short period of time.

31 03 2013
Vince Braddock

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6 01 2015

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